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Land records are the foundational documents from which information into land ownership may be gleaned. The land records provide a broad variety of information about land. Governments around the country are deploying web-based platforms to make land records more available to anyone. The aim is for everyone to be able to access the land records. The Kerala government has also launched an official website to provide Kerala Land Records are available online. We will provide you with all of the important details about Land Survey Records Kerala in this article, such as What is Kerala Land Records are available online? Its inspiration, advantages, highlights, subtleties in the area, land review check records, and so on. By reading this post, you can learn how to discover all of the subtleties related to Land Survey Records Kerala. As a result, you are advised to read this article all the way though. is the website for Kerala Land Records

Kerala’s government has set up an authority platform to provide information about the Kerala Land Records are available online. The Kerala Land Information Mission is in charge of this authority platform. Residents of Kerala will learn about the intricacies of the land by visiting this website. Apart from that, they will see the nuances of land study check and documents. Residents of Kerala no longer need to visit government offices to separate Land Survey Records Kerala, thanks to the launch of this website. They simply need to go to the authority place, which they would be able to see Records of Land Surveys. This will save a lot of time and money, as well as give the system more clarity.

Kerala Land Records

Kerala ePass is a digital identification card issued by Kerala

Highlights from Kerala’s Land Survey Records

Identify yourself Kerala Land Records are available online
It was started by Kerala’s government
This is the year The year is 2021
Those that would most Kerala’s people
Procedure for submitting an application On the internet
The goal is to achieve it To make land records available online
Advantages Online Land Records are accessible
This is the category Government of the state. Make a plan
Website of the organization

Kerala Land Information Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information about Kerala’s

Kerala Land Information Mission is a mission sent by the Kerala Government’s Revenue Department. This mission was sent to modernize the cadastral overview as well as digitize research and land records exercises. The board conducts various types of evaluations and digitization projects as part of this mission. Resurvey work, woods rights analysis work, GPS overview work, and other activities are also carried out under the Kerala Land Information Mission. The Bhoomi Keralam Project was also developed to review backwoods rights and conduct other exceptional research projects in order to strengthen the save. A group of experts is in charge of this task. This mission has resulted in the digitization of a wide variety of land records.

Kerala Land Records has a specific goal

The primary target of is to Kerala Land Records are available online/ Land Survey Records Kerala is a website that provides access to a broad range of land records in Kerala. The digitization crusade has dispatched this authoritative platform. Residents of Kerala no longer need to go to an administration office to obtain information about land records. They just need to go to the official website to learn all there is to know about the property. This will save a lot of time and money, as well as provide clarity to the system.

Kerala Land Records Plan is being implemented

Kerala’s land records will be maintained by various divisions and units formed by the government. The following is information about these units and divisions:

Office of State Projects: The State Project Office has been established at the Museum Bains Complex, Kaudiyar PO, and Thiruvananthapuram to oversee, monitor, and execute various statewide current land study projects, GIS-based digitization project preparation programs, and so on.

The National Center for Digitization (NCD) is a government-run organization that Thiruvananthapuram’s Public Office Building now houses the Central Digitization Center. This Central Digitization Center is in charge of the District Digitization Center’s preparation, checking, and content tweaking. In addition, the traditional resampling knowledge from the paper map with the nearby aid system has been transferred to these focuses

Unit of GPS: GPS units have been implemented to improve the precision and accuracy of cadastral review work. In order for land documents to become part of the Universal Geo Coordinate System

Unit of Stores and Logistics: To guide Kerala land review, various types of equipment such as PCs, scanners, plotters, and so on are needed. To ensure that the Public Office Building in Thiruvananthapuram has an adequate stockpile of essential hardware stores and measured units. These units are in charge of getting needed equipment to the right place at the right time

Digitisation Centre for the District: District Digitisation Centres have been developed to speed up the implementation of digitization projects at the regional level. These centers are also in charge of keeping the computerized land records up to date in the online map administration for the general public

The Modern Record Room is located in the heart of the city To properly oversee and recover the records, a Central Modern Record Room has been established at the Central Survey Office in Thiruvananthapuram. The Central Modern Records Cell is the state’s primary examination records body. This room houses a wide variety of research records. These rooms are equipped with modern racks and other conveniences.

The Kerala Vidyakiranam Scheme will be implemented in 2021

The District Modern Record Room is located in the heart of the city To safeguard all area data, a District Modern Record Room has been established in each region of Kerala, which will operate under the supervision of the Collectorate’s District Survey Superintendent. These recording studios are divided into 12 parts. Portable compactors, a logical reference library office, and other features will be included in these record rooms to ensure that information can be recovered quickly.

Document Verification for Kerala Land Records Procedure

The Land Survey Document Verification can be completed by following the steps outlined below:

  • First and foremost, you must visit the official website of the Bhoomi keralam’s e-Rekha. Following that, the website’s homepage would appear in front of you.
Kerala Land Records
  • You must choose the choice of “ on the website’s homepage Verification “,. A new page will appear in front of you after that.
Kerala Land Records
  • On this page, you will find a form where you must fill in the following information:
  • After filling out the form, upload the appropriate documents and submit your application for Document Verification by pressing the submit button.